Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, September 30: Living Writers Reading Series, UC Santa Cruz


offcampus said...

Can't wait to take part in this! UCSC was featured in this weeks past blog over at
Check it out!

Anonymous said...

just read dick of the dead this morning, and i'm curious as to whose idea it was to issue the notes, yours or the publishers... they were certainly useful.

i will see you at the poetry project too.


Rachel Loden said...

Hey Annam, I've missed hearing from you. Promise me you'll say hello after the Poetry Project reading (you will really come?). And send me an e-dress when you can -- I don't think I have an up to date one and would like to. Please.

The notes in Dick of the Dead were my idea, although I was conflicted about them. The sophisticated point of view is that readers should sink or swim on their own -- but since we're a country that forgets its own history, or never knew it, I thought I had to include some of that stuff, esp. for younger readers, or lose them entirely. Anselm Hollo's use of notes has been one model for me.

What was your take on them? Was their usefulness enough, or did they also detract from the whole? I'm wondering if there's a better way to clue people in -- am open to suggestions.

Offcampus, hope I get to meet you in Santa Cruz! Please say hi.

pb said...

Looks great Rachel.
Wish I could be there for some of that expansiveness AND whimsy.

Rachel Loden said...

Pam, I wish you could be there too. What I'd really like is to read with you, and double the whimsy! Someday somehow, if the gods are pleased.

We need to talk b/c -- so more soon.

Anonymous said...

i was curious because it seems to me that poems in america are so often escorted by explanation these days.

anyway, i do look forward to seeing you at poetry project, i'll be the brown one.