Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Notes on "Causal Mythology": Berkeley Poetry Conference, July 1965

A page from my notes on Charles Olson's lecture, "Causal Mythology," at the Berkeley Poetry Conference in July '65. This isn't the legendary talk later in the week (although I have notes of a sort on that as well), but an earlier, more intimate moment in a classroom.

Eight lines down, the giddy, 17 year-old exclamation “GINSBERG JUST BORROWED 2 PIECES OF PAPER FROM HERE -->," with an arrow toward the spiral binding.

Understand that Ginsberg and Olson were people I had been reading before I arrived -- so to see them walk out of those pages was eye-popping.

The indented parts were my attempt to represent what Olson was writing on a blackboard or tablet at the front of the room (can't recall which).

More to come in some form later. . . .

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