Friday, August 17, 2007

Three Parodies of Ingmar Bergman

A couple of weeks ago, after the death of Ingmar Bergman, I went out looking for De Düva (The Dove), with a young Madeline Kahn in the cast. Finally found it at Google Video, but YouTube had Der Bass Treeifn: The Gift of Anna, which was in some ways even funnier, plus an SCTV version, Whispers of the Wolf. Nobody else seems to have collected all of them, so here they are.

Prepare yourself for lots of (subtitled) faux Swedish.

Der Bass Treeifn: The Gift of Anna:

"I am a donkey furball.... Even death won't have me.... Spring prawns!"

De Düva (The Dove):

"My name is Viktor Sundqvist. I am still alive.... Last year I was awarded the Peace Prize in Nuclear Physics. I have a hernia...."

Whispers of the Wolf:

"So you have left Yorg again?... I cannot laugh. The dwarves make me feel old...."


K. Silem Mohammad said...
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K. Silem Mohammad said...

"You serve me mean beans." Hee hee.

Rachel Loden said...

Yes, and cabbage leaves... my favorite.

PB said...

Hi Rachel,
Did you see Ingmar Bergman's soap commercials ?

(the url is split - you'll have to join it up)

PB said...

Hi again,
Actually the url looks ok

Rachel Loden said...

Hi Pam,

Those are goofy! Thanks.

I find the narration irritating and intrusive, though -- wonder if the originals are up at YouTube or someplace.

These remind me of the wicked fake commercials in Fellini's Juliet of the Spirits.