Friday, August 03, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

... but with the same name. This seems like a poem Linh Dinh might have written yesterday--the urgency, the ferocity, the recklessness of the attack:

Survival of the Fittest Groceries

The violence in the newspapers is pure genius
A daily gift to the reader
From some poet who wants to keep in good with us
Brown-noser wastepaperbasket-emptier

I shot 436 people that day
2 were still alive when I killed them
Why do they want to be exhumed movie-stars,
I mean rats still biting them, the flesh of comets, why
    do they walk around like that?

I'm going to throw all of you into the refrigerator
And leave you to claw it out with the vegetables and meats

--Bill Knott, from Auto-Necrophilia (Big Table Books, 1971)

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